The Practical Musician

Intake 2021

Every day, music is consumed in an unlimited number of ways through several media platforms and each time music is played someone sings, dances, or plays along with the music. Majority people feel the desire to learn to sing or play an instrument or even compose their own music after such effects of music, but very few follow through to learn the craft and do what they desire. We all at a point have wanted to learn some form of musicianship for different reasons, some to impress others, some to play their favourite songs, some to analyze and create and some to teach others.

Bayimba Academy now open for enrollment

Music education, skills and knowledge can be attained through an unimaginable number of ways today but none beats the close interaction in a one on one session or group lesson with an instructor present (especially one that has practical experience). At Bayimba Academy we make this experience unforgettable and very fruitful with practical hands-on global music curriculum. Most of all, whatever your reason may be, we can accommodate you and guide you on the path to your desired outcome. Enrol now, study with us on a schedule of your choice, Day, Evening, or weekend.

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