Professional Music Teaching Program

The Practical Musician

The Academy offers an intensive two year professional training program for young Ugandan musicians. In the foundation year you will study your main instrument/voice intensively, learn to read and write African music, study harmony, ear training and keyboard harmony and gain experience playing in bands and ensembles. The first year focuses on developing the core skills necessary to continue into the second year of the program.

In the second year of the program you will continue your studies at a more advanced level. You will broaden your skills on your main instrument/voice, develop your music reading skills further and study harmony, ear training, keyboard harmony and gain more experience playing in bands and ensembles. You will learn how to use computer based music notation software and learn the ins and outs of the music industry. The second year culminates in a professional certificate in music.

In addition to the two year professional training program the Academy also offers instrumental/vocal lessons to anyone who is interested in learning an instrument or get vocal training. There is no age limit and anyone is welcome to come and take advantage of the great teachers at the Academy. It does not matter whether you you just want to play music for fun or if you are interested in preparing yourself for the professional program. Everyone is welcome.

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