Other Training

Ever since its inception Bayimba has organized a range of workshops that aim at introducing artists to new arts disciplines, developing their artistic skills and promoting original art productions.

Poster 2019 Graphic Design Training

2019 Bayimba Graphics Design Training

The training will be delivered by a professional graphic designer Christine Voigts, an accomplished graphic-designer, living and working in Berlin, Germany with a focus in Corporate Design and business creativity for big companies.

To enhance graphic design skills necessary for continuous attractive Corporate Designing and business creativity, the Bayimba Academy is organizing Graphic Design Training.

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Poster for 2020 Hip Hop Boot Camp

2020 Hip Hop Boot Camp

The Hip Hop Boot Camp with support from AFRICALIA is an intensive two-week residential training aimed at conveying music industry skills to talented emerging hip hop artists across the Uganda.

The training will focus on Songwriting Creative Process, Music Management, Body Percussion, Live Performance & Studio Preps, Financial Literacy, Profile Writing, Impact of Internet & Social Media on Performance Art, Audio Recording Sessions, Rap Ciphers, Personal Development, Embrace & Create Performance Platforms, a lecture on the Hip Hop Elements and UG Hip Hop Awards. Under the mentorship of 5 professional residential producers, participants will actively participate and record their own song compositions resulting to the production of a 10 track audio album.

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