The Bayimba Academy is the arts education pillar of Bayimba, offering a range of practical training for visual and performing artists throughout the year. We strive to empower artists through creativity, innovation, and collaboration with our curriculum. The trainings provided are aimed at introducing artists to new arts disciplines, developing artistic skills, promoting inter- and intra-disciplinary artistic collaborations as well as training stakeholders in the arts sector (such as arts journalists and arts managers).


During the coming years, the Bayimba arts education programme will gradually develop into a full-fledged training institution, to start with developing its current music training programme into a structured music training pillar of the Bayimba Academy. For the development of training programmes and other pillars of the future Bayimba Academy, Bayimba is always looking out for new engagements and new partnerships. Please contact us if you want to get involved and partner with us.

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