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Often when one says school or academy what comes to mind for most people are building structures, a big gate, sometime even a uniform and a badge. However when we say Bayimba Academy, all the above becomes an illusion.

Bayimba Academy from a bird’s eye view is one of the rare institutions whose major objective is to provide professional training through mostly informal techniques of teaching an learning so as to create professional (formal) individuals in the arts. So, yes…No uniforms and badges. Languages of instruction vary based on what language a student understands best, and methods of delivery of knowledge and course content also change based on the students needs.

We are a multi-disciplinary arts training Centre with music education at the fore front of our activity for the past three years thus sometimes being referred to as “Music School” in the recent past. It is true we are experts in music education however through our partner like Kitara Nation poetry we make literature education possible, Through Batalo East we make dance education possible, and so many others in Photography, Sound Engineering and audiovisual arts.

This is who we are, and its our passion and aim to keep promoting and uplifting the standards of arts education in Uganda and East Africa with time. We are a people-centered institution always welcoming collaboration initiatives from both individuals and organizations. If you would like to work with us in a certain regard or project, don’t hesitate we shall be glad to have you.

Rhythm, the untold story

Mariam Namuyodi – “The Drum Nurse”

Not so long ago, she never thought of becoming a rhythm elite and play the drumkit flawlessly. Step by step she learnt with the global music curriculum the same one with which she teaches today. A curriculum that through which we teach block and abstract music concepts in a very simple and hands-on manner and yet by the end of it all one is able to understand, interpret, play and make music on a very advanced level.

Today we are proud to celebrate all female musicians all around Uganda and the world at large but most of all, we celebrate our very own Mariam Namuyodi also known as “The Drum Nurse”

Mariam, the "Drum Nurse"

Join us in celebrating all the ladies in the music industry today, tell us in the comments below who you celebrate today or maybe even a short story about them.

Gone but not forgotten – Anita Desire Kusasira

Many years ago when Bayimba Academy was just an idea being put into motion one of the many people that came together to make it a reality was Anita Desire Kusasira.

As many have written already, she was an angel, always giving her best, always sharing her talents and abilities, and the best part if it all was her warm-hearted smile.

She was a great lecturer at Makerere University, and several other institutes of learning and wherever she taught she inspired and was highly revered by all her students. To both Bayimba Foundation and Bayimba Academy, Anita was not just a member or a teacher, she was an extremely incredible music educator, mentor, and an all-round friend whatever the weather.

One might as well comfortably argue that without Anita’s input and efforts Bayimba Academy might not have gotten where it is today, and yes this would be true because even in her last days she was finalizing the writing of a Hip-Pop education curriculum custom made for Uganda’s music industry and this was to be taught in Bayimba Academy’s programs and shared with several other institutions in the music education sector. Anita was shaping the Ugandan music education system piece by piece for the better and she has left was with a very big gap that no one can ever fill completely.

You have left us too soon friend, we shall carry on the good work you started but we shall always remember you and miss you very much. Until we meet again, may your soul Rest In Peace Anita. We’ll always love you.

The Saxophone Explained In 200 Words

The Saxophone also commonly known as the “Sax” is a woodwind instrument made from brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece. One could already see a controversy and perhaps question why the saxophones are made from brass but categorized as a woodwind instrument; well, the reason is quite simple. They are categorized as woodwind instruments because the sound is produced by an oscillating reed that was traditionally and still is made from woody cane or bamboo.

The Saxophone

Up-close with the saxophone

The saxophone is used in classical music (such as concert bands, chamber music, solo repertoire, and occasionally orchestras), military bands, marching bands, jazz( such as big band and jazz combos), and contemporary music. It is also used as a solo or melody instrument or as a member of the horn section.

So, Who invented the Saxophone?

The saxophone was invented by a single individual, Adolphe Sax (1814 – 1894) who was a music instrument designer born in Belgium. Adolphe could play many wind instruments and his attempt to combine the best qualities of woodwind instruments with the best qualities of brass instruments led to the birth of the Saxophone in the 1840s, an invention that was later patented in Paris in the year 1846.

For more information about the saxophone and saxophone classes, feel free to visit us, or sign up online here

The Practical Musician

Intake 2021

Every day, music is consumed in an unlimited number of ways through several media platforms and each time music is played someone sings, dances, or plays along with the music. Majority people feel the desire to learn to sing or play an instrument or even compose their own music after such effects of music, but very few follow through to learn the craft and do what they desire. We all at a point have wanted to learn some form of musicianship for different reasons, some to impress others, some to play their favourite songs, some to analyze and create and some to teach others.

Bayimba Academy now open for enrollment

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