Lunkulu Island

0°10’34.9″N, 32°53’09.2″E

Lunkulu Island is located on the shore of Lake Victoria off Mukono/Katosi road, 42 km from Kampala and 60 km from Jinja, and can be easily reached by road and can be accessed by boat.

By own car
If coming by own car you are requested to travel through Nkokonjeru and park at Namaziina landing site from where you can cross to Lunkulu Island by footbridge.

Note that vehicles cannot access the island.

By private transport
Various private transport options (from the airport as well as Kampala) are available. You can cross to Lunkulu Island by boat from Kibanga port or by foot bridge from Namaziina landing site.

Search on Google Maps for “Bayimba Festival Grounds”

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