Bayimaba Academy Team

Mukisa Johnmary


Mukisa Johnmary also known as Lux De Bona is a well-seasoned music teacher, trombone player, guitarist, producer and one of the top young sound engineers in Kampala. He has worked as both a performing musician and sound engineer with Bands including Milege Afro jazz, Octave Band, Band Illusions and the Tim and Enoch Music garage. And he is now the Director of Arts education at Bayimba academy.

Namuyodi Mariam


Mariam is a teacher at Bayimba Music Academy. She specializes in teaching Rhythmic reading and writing, Body percussion and Drums. Mariam started playing drums in 2017 and has been able to play with a few churches such as Entebbe Miracle Centre and House of Prayer Community church Nkumba. Apart from church she has played with a few bands such as Black and White Jazz band, Pearl performers, Fusion Five band, and vibrant band. She has also play with several artists like Catherine Kusara. Mariam went to Iganga SSS and Nabisunsa Girls’school for high school and then the Institute of Survey and Land Management Entebbe and acquired a diploma in physical planning, where she graduated top of her class. She later acquired a certificate in music from the Global Music Academy. She took part in an International Female Instrumentalist’ summit held at Kampala Music School organised by Maren Selvaag, a musician from Norway. She was also part of the master class with Sabina Ddumba, a Ugandan musician based in Sweden. Mariam has also played at various international festivals such as the Nirvana festival held in Entebbe, the Nyege nyege festival, held in Jinja

Migadde Aloysius

Migadde Aloysius


Migadde Aloysius is a musician who holds a bachelor’s degree in music. He has studied music since high school and has been an active musician in the performance realm for six years now. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays instruments such as guitar, tube fiddle (ndingidi), akogo, adungu (bow harp) madinda (xylophone) omukuri (flute), and trumpet among others. As a musician, he is deeply rooted in traditional music from Uganda. Aloysius is an artist who fuses afro jazz with traditional Ugandan music, on guitar, to get his unique sound. Aloysius joined Bayimba in 2017, when he attended the 2017 GMA Campus in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Kayanja Patrick

Kayanja Patrick


Kayanja Patrick also known as Pato Bass, is a musician who has been practicing music since 2008. He is a singer who also plays keyboard, bass guitar, and acoustic guitar. He began singing in a local church choir in C3 Kazo in 2010 which gave him the platform to learn most of the instruments he knows. He is a bass player at Faith Life Fellowship, a music Director at Christian City Church Kazo and a music teacher at Bayimba Academy. He has worked on a few projects like the Worship extreme at C3 Kazo, Presence night at MTN Arena Lugogo and Presence conference at Watoto down town as a bass player. He enjoys spending his time learning and practicing new things and teaching others what he has learnt over time in this field of music.

Kayondo Israel Floyd

Kayondo Israel Floyd


Kayondo Israel Floyd is a Ugandan pianist and a music teacher at Bayimba Music Academy, who specializes in teaching piano and keyboard harmony. He has been playing piano for ten years, where he has been able to acquire a lot of experience. He started playing in church and as the ten years advanced, worked with different bands as well as various musicians. Floyd went to Global High school and then attended the Global Music Academy where he acquired the skills of teaching music.

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