Rhythm, the untold story

Mariam Namuyodi – “The Drum Nurse”

Not so long ago, she never thought of becoming a rhythm elite and play the drumkit flawlessly. Step by step she learnt with the global music curriculum the same one with which she teaches today. A curriculum that through which we teach block and abstract music concepts in a very simple and hands-on manner and yet by the end of it all one is able to understand, interpret, play and make music on a very advanced level.

Today we are proud to celebrate all female musicians all around Uganda and the world at large but most of all, we celebrate our very own Mariam Namuyodi also known as “The Drum Nurse”

Mariam, the "Drum Nurse"

Join us in celebrating all the ladies in the music industry today, tell us in the comments below who you celebrate today or maybe even a short story about them.

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