Often when one says school or academy what comes to mind for most people are building structures, a big gate, sometime even a uniform and a badge. However when we say Bayimba Academy, all the above becomes an illusion.

Bayimba Academy from a bird’s eye view is one of the rare institutions whose major objective is to provide professional training through mostly informal techniques of teaching an learning so as to create professional (formal) individuals in the arts. So, yes…No uniforms and badges. Languages of instruction vary based on what language a student understands best, and methods of delivery of knowledge and course content also change based on the students needs.

We are a multi-disciplinary arts training Centre with music education at the fore front of our activity for the past three years thus sometimes being referred to as “Music School” in the recent past. It is true we are experts in music education however through our partner like Kitara Nation poetry we make literature education possible, Through Batalo East we make dance education possible, and so many others in Photography, Sound Engineering and audiovisual arts.

This is who we are, and its our passion and aim to keep promoting and uplifting the standards of arts education in Uganda and East Africa with time. We are a people-centered institution always welcoming collaboration initiatives from both individuals and organizations. If you would like to work with us in a certain regard or project, don’t hesitate we shall be glad to have you.

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