The Bayimba Academy PA Hire

The Bayimba Academy has a medium sized PA System for rental together with a competent sound crew.

Whether you want to amplify a live concert, a band at a wedding, or an event or conference with or without live music we can provide a professional service for all your needs.

Live recordings of concerts are also possible.

The equipment available:

  1. Two Active Full Range Loudspeakers (the Box PA 15 DSP 800W Peak )
  2. Speaker stands (2)
  3. Three stage monitors (the Box MA 100Watt RMS)
  4. Soundcraft Ui24R 20 track digital mixer
  5. Microphone Stands (12)
  6. Microphones and cables – both condenser and dynamic (14)
  7. DI-33 Active DI Boxes (4)
  8. 2 subs
  9. Drum set (for live set up)
  10. Bass guitar + bass amp
  11. Lead guitar +lead amp
  12. Keyboard + keyboard stand


  • PA Hire for a Concert (including 2 technicians) UGX
  • PA Hire for event with or without live music (including 2 technicians) UGX
  • PA Hire with live audio recording (including 2 technicians) UGX

For special projects or any additional services not included above please contact the management team.

Book the PA here or get in touch with us by phone or email

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