2017 “You are here ….. elsewhere” installation workshop


“You are here….. elsewhere” Workshop is based on a participatory creative process, work of artistic infusion and territorial conducted with residents. It offers a re-appropriation of the city through its representation and encourage participants to question and divert their multimedia consumer habits to creative practices, most critical. Perceived territory, lived territory memorial mapping , use of the city are special area of work with the public as part of the workshop.

The workshop locates people in the heart of the work: their voices, stories, graphics and pictograms achievements will be integrated with video installation projected pictures. The neighborhood and its inhabitants are so central to the event, returning to the territory all its uniqueness and attractiveness.

It will start with a series of workshops organized with the residents. Participants asked to tell stories about their city, their neighborhood, what the words “here” and “elsewhere” mean for them. They are allowed to draw or to create graphic works. All of what they create is used for the installation. Their words / stories are a part of the sound atmosphere and their drawings / graphic works are shown on the wall and the ground..


The workshop targets variety of audiences: youth, adults, older people, more or less remote public media and cultural practices, curious amateurs, no discrimination except that of belonging to a neighborhood.

The workshops will be adapted according to the ages: 5-8 years old: drawing cars, spaceships, characters 9-99 years old: drawings the map of the city, buildings, writing workshops, characters, green screen for shorts dance samples


The training will take place from the 14th -21st September 2017. Each Session is 2 hours.


The workshop will be held at the National Theatre, Kampala Uganda


The Workshop will be facilitated by Edouard Souillot  {14th-21st September} and Matthieu Tercieux {19-21st September}


Musician graduated from the conservatory of Lyon in “modern music”, multi-instrumentalist composer, practicing different styles in different forms, ranging from acoustic to electric, he played in several projects and realizes soundtracks for various achievements. He works on the project “You are here… elsewhere” since its creation in 2012.


Matthieu Tercieux is a programmer. For 10 years he has been exploring the transversality of scenes through interactive video scenography. Dance, theater, music and interactive installations have led him to play his creations in many festivals (Eurockéennes de Belfort, Festival of Lights of Lyon, MAXXI museum in Rome …)


There is no entry fee for the workshop however the participants will be required to cover their transportation and meals. Workshop materials will be provided by the organization.


You are required to apply for participation by completing and submitting the registration form to rosette@bayimba.org by 11th September 2017 

Applications are closed !

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