2015 Graphic Design Training

Course Details

To enhance graphic design skills necessary for continuous attractive Corporate Designing and business creativity, the Bayimba Academy is organizing a one-week graphic design Training for a selected group of interested graphic designers. The focus of this graphic design training is for participants to understand and be a servant to Corporate Design. Through practical work participants will create Design packages within a Corporate Design (using given colors, shapes, visual language and addressing the target audience). The participants will be encouraged through the training on how to work for the client and his wishes. Also to note, the training will not focus on use of new media, rather understanding a design and work for it.

Who is the program for?

The Course is targeting Graphic Designers


The training will take place from 23rd -27th November 2015


The Training will be at Bayimba offices Kampala


Christine Voigts is an accomplished graphic-designer, living and working in Berlin, Germany; with a focus in Corporate Design and business creativity for big companies. Christine has trained young graphic-designers in Berlin and South-Africa; those with fresh ideas, helping them to understand the client and aim towards the best design to serve good communication. In this training she wishes to pass on her experience and passion for what she calls the most beautiful job.


The fee is 200,000 UGX for the full one week of the training, to be paid prior to course beginning. Participants are expected to attend the whole period of the training and bring their own writing and production materials (Laptops with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop).

How to apply

You are required to apply for participation by completing and submitting the application form to education@bayimba.org by 5th November 2015

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