2013 Creative Entrepreneurship Training




  • Gulu/Arua: 30th Sept – 3rd Oct.
  • Mbarara: 7th – 10th Oct.
  • Mbale/Moroto: 12th – 15th Oct.
  • Jinja/Kampala: 17th – 20th Oct.

pre-registration required.


Are you a talented artist that wants to make a living out of art? Are you wondering how to sustain yourself through your art profession? Are you wondering how to start up your creative business? Do you want to develop your business skills to sustain your art? Then the Bayimba Training in Creative Entrepreneurship is right there for you!

Bayimba has been offering a wide variety of trainings for artists to enhance and professionalize their artistic skills. But artistic talent is just not enough! To succeed one needs to be an entrepreneur as well!

Bayimba recognizes that there is a need to make a deliberate effort to also convey essential entrepreneurial skills to artists and artistic talents in Uganda, so as to assist artists in pursuing and sustaining their careers successfully. To create further impact and leave a lasting mark on the creative sector, it therefore resolved to develop a structured training programme to convey important entrepreneurial skills to artists and artistic talents that have started or are about to start a business in the creative sector.

This training programme will offer essential business skills (in planning, marketing, management and finance) specific to the creative sector. The first trainings will be piloted in Kampala and Jinja in the course of 2013, before being rolled out in a more structured manner and throughout the country. The trainings will be led by the Bayimba Academy – the education pillar of Bayimba – under the principal leadership of Director Faisal Kiwewa and with guest appearances of experienced business development experts and successful creative entrepreneurs. The course fee for this training is 50,000 UGX per person.

To identify the interest and needs and to properly plan for these trainings, Bayimba is now calling for artists and artistic talents that want to turn their creativity into a viable businesses to express their interest in the Bayimba Creative Entrepreneurship Training.

Note that participants must to be open to collaborate, share skills and learn from others during the training and that selected participants are required to fully commit themselves and to be present during the entire duration of the training.

If you are interested in participating in this training, you are kindly requested to fill out, sign and submit the Training in Creative Entrepreneurship Form (indicating your preferred course set-up and information about your availability) together with 1. a profile/biography (max. 800 words) and 2. a motivation to participate in the training (max. 500 words) by 28th February, 2013 to education@bayimba.org.

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