2011 Street Theatre Workshop

“Bayimba to set a new trend with STREET THEATRE workshop”

To change the landscape of the arts sector in Uganda, Bayimba Cultural Foundation brings another interesting and exciting workshop to stimulate creativity and cooperation amongst artists. Some 10 Ugandan artists will gather for a five (5) week intensive training in street theatre, an arts discipline that is rather unknown to Uganda.

The workshop will take place at the Uganda Museum from Monday 21st of February till 25th of March and will be conducted by internationally acclaimed artists Warner van Wely and Andre Dienske from the Netherlands; they will be assisted by our own Michael Wawuyo. The workshop will result in a production that will premier at the Bayimba Regional Festival in Jinja on the 26th of March. After that, the production will tour all other Bayimba Regional Festivals and eventually come to Kampala at the Bayimba International Festival in September, 2011.

The workshop is supported by Common Wealth Foundation, HIVOS, the DOEN Foundation and organized in partnership with the Uganda Museum.

“… the Bayimba Street Theatre workshop will emphasize the use of art and creativity to increase individual and community dialogue with priority to social development”

Okuyo Joel Atiku Prynce; a model and actor;

Okuyo Joel Atiku Prynce

“I thought I knew my body till i joined the street theater workshop; for example little did I know that if a person stood in a letter K shape and directed his mind into meditation, he gets to feel one’s body and the mind.

I now confirm that memories are in the body not in the brain; and this is one of the things that trigger street theater performance. As a model, I have learn’t how to evoke emotions out of an audience by position my body and all thanks to Bayimba Cultural Foundation”

Maureen, a visual art designer.


“Street Theater is different from indoor theater; because unlike plays, this has no limitations to storytelling or rules that encompass it, except safety rules. Either way… one draws their own story.

Training in body movement and Use of my Voice, has inspired my zeal and confidence in continuity of my Paintings”

“Everyday my mind is creating different art pieces i am to work on; this has been triggered by the different body movements that I have made as well as with other participants”.

Nanfuka Rehema; an actress

Nanfuka Rehema

“I didn’t understand the Street Theater but now i know its visual art and it’s about evoking fantasies through the available means.I am now less conscious of myself; I don’t know that there are some noises I could make; which I have discovered here in the Street theater workshop and all thanks to Bayimba Cultural foundation”.

Albert Basaso Ssempeke; a musician (traditional music)

Albert Basaso Ssempeke

“Coming from a back ground of music of creating images and use of memory, this will taken me to another circle of Arts which I will use the body movement and vocal training skills into my music production and performances”.

Desire Tereka  Kenneth, a dancer and choreographer

Desire Tereka Kenneth

“I have learn’t how to create without thinking by using the daily basic elements or actions that we do; to create dance moves, build up on my creativity with stage props”

Stephen Mawejje; Musician and actor;

“What motivates me is the love i have for drama and music; I have learn’t how to use my body and voice and look forward to applying them to my career”.

Mpaata Rogers William Otako an actor and comedian

“We were given a wood as a prop to imagine if it was a human being which was very fascinating; as well as holding a bottle and imagining one was steeling it from a store.

“Street theater elements of non verbal like body usage to communicate have been  inspirational to me. I will be using this knowledge to build up my creative props on stage; so grace your-self to more laughter at Barbed Wire comedy night; it’s going to be more hilarious”.

Dre Otim, a poet.

Dre Otim

“With poetry, you can write an experience without writing a script; Street theater, I have lean’t that you do things spontaneously; it’s very abstract like writing poetry and have loved it.

It shows you the beauty of abstract to real life and this is very vital in my area of interest which is poetry and performance”

Kasozi Richard; actor and singer;

Kasozi Richard

“With acting you don’t exaggerate; now with this training, I have learnt how to open and control my body parts to get better at expressing myself in my acting career;

I now know how to be loud but not shout”.

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