2011 Music Training Programme

Since 2008, known and upcoming musicians from Uganda have performed at the annual Bayimba International Festival of the Arts and, since 2010, also at the various Bayimba Regional Festivals and have seen their career opportunities enhanced.

During the past years, in an attempt to assist Ugandan musicians to develop their live performance skills, Bayimba Cultural Foundation has organized a range of Live Performance workshops. Given the large demand for further professional training opportunities for musicians and as a follow-up to the workshops, Bayimba Cultural Foundation has now developed an advanced music training programme through which participants will receive (further) professional training and enhance their instrumental and/or vocal skills as well as further guidance that will assist them in their career. Two training sessions of 3 weeks each are currently being planned; one session in July (Mbale) and one in September (Kampala). The music training programme is led by Kaz Kasozi, Music Director of Bayimba Cultural Foundation. He will be assisted by various other trainers throughout the programme.

Bayimba Cultural Foundation herewith invites interested Ugandan musicians to express their interest in participating in the 2011 music training programming. You are kindly requested to submit the following information by 30th April, 2011 (in case you submit your application by email, please limit your submission to 5MB):

  • A completed entry form.
  • A profile/short biography (max. 800 words) with recent picture(s).
  • A presentation of your work (one or two of your recordings or favorite songs on CD, DVD or MP3).
  • A motivation for your participation in the music training programme (max. 500 words).

Bayimba Cultural Foundation will confirm receipt of your entry form. A professional team will assess the submissions received and decide which individuals will participate in the 2011 music training programme.

Disclaimer: Bayimba Cultural Foundation fully respects and protects copyright of artistic submissions

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