2011 Curator Training Workshop (K4A11-05)

To develop the arts sector as a whole, Bayimba Cultural Foundation has organised a range of workshops aimed at introducing artists to new arts disciplines, developing their artistic skills and promoting inter- and intra-disciplinary artistic collaborations. To contribute to the enhancement of visual arts in Uganda and to the viability and compelling presentation of the visual arts to the general public, Bayimba Cultural Foundation resolved to organise a professional training workshop for curators, gallery owners and managers.

The workshop – scheduled for 4-14 May 2011 – seeks to increase the understanding of the role and need for curatorial practice and to develop curatorial skills of selected participants. The workshop will be led by Patrick Verstraete who has 12 years of experience as a contemporary arts curator. The workshop will combine theoretical knowledge with practical application of knowledge acquired. Each participant will prepare an exhibition by the end of the workshop which will be presented during the Cultural Week during the 3rd week of May, 2011.

Bayimba Cultural Foundation herewith invites interested curators, gallery owners and managers to express their interest in participating in the curator training workshop. You are kindly requested to submit the following information by 15th April, 2011 (in case you submit your application by email, please limit your submission to 5MB):

  • A completed entry form.
  • A profile/short biography (max. 800 words) with recent picture(s).
  • A motivation for your participation in the training workshop (max. 500 words).

Bayimba Cultural Foundation will confirm receipt of your entry form. A professional team will assess the submissions received and decide which individuals will participate in the curator training workshop.

Disclaimer: Bayimba Cultural Foundation fully respects and protects copyright of artistic submissions

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