2010 Photography Workshop (K4A10-06)

Since its first edition in 2008, Bayimba Cultural Foundation has organised a number of workshops prior to the annual Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts with a view to stimulate artistic creativity and to ensure that all disciplines of arts find their way to the Festival. For 2010, Bayimba Cultural Foundation decided to include a Photography Workshop prior to the 3rd edition of the Festival (scheduled for 17-19 September, 2010). The results of the workshop will be exhibited during the Festival and in other locations after the Festival.

The workshop aims at introducing photography as a tool of expression and creation. The workshop will take place in Kampala from 6st-16th September, 2010 with ten (10) selected participants from Uganda under the theme “Past and Present in Photography”. The workshop will be led by multiple-award winning Dutch photographer Andrea Stultiens (www.andreastultiens.nl) who, with her techniques, experience and interests provide the right ingredients for a workshop on the subject matter.

Selected participants are expected to participate during the whole workshop period; food and transport refund will be provided. While material for the presentation of the workshop results and digital work stations will be provided, participants are expected to bring their own cameras.

Bayimba Cultural Foundation herewith invites photographers that are interested in participating in this great learning experience to express their interest in participating in the 2010 Photography Workshop. You are kindly requested to submit the following information by 31st May, 2010 to the address below (in case you submit your application by email, please limit your submission to 5MB):

  • A completed entry form (which can be downloaded from the website or obtained through sending an SMS to +256 713-548784).
  • A profile/short biography (max. 800 words) with recent picture(s).
  • A presentation of your work (min. 10 and max. 25 photos, preferably in digital version).
  • A motivation for participating in the workshop (max. 500 words).

Bayimba Cultural Foundation will confirm receipt of your entry form. A team will assess the submissions received and decide which artists will participate in the Photography Workshop.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!

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