2009 Bayimba “Live Performance Workshop”


Prior to the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts (scheduled for 12th-14th June 2009), Bayimba Cultural Foundation organises a number of workshops for artists. For this year, a Live Performance Workshop is included.

The general objective of including a live band workshop is to emphasis and train local artists – the importance of live performance – although music is a very popular art form – only few musicians have made it to the regional and international stages – the music industry remains underdeveloped because of lack of skills to perform live and no training institutions – often performances are done on CD backups. Whereas other countries and regions of Africa have already made it to the international scene – Uganda and East Africa are still at the initial stage in the industry.

Because there are no specific organisations to targeting at training skills of contemporary music – Bayimba Cultural Foundation intends to use this use this workshop to create awareness and expose artist to the beauty of performing live with a band on stage.

Set-up of the workshop

The live band workshop will be led by the established Ugandan fusion band “Baxmba Waves” which will work closely with 6 selected artists – and in these include the Uganda PAM Award Artists of the year – Juliana Kanyomozi, Sarah Ndagire, Bebe Cool, Sweet Kid, Grace Nakimera and Henry Tigan. They will work together – with their different backgrounds and disciplines in music. The workshop will take place in a warehouse from the 1st – 11th June 2009.

Specific objectives

  • Introducing the main stream musicians to live band performance
  • To encourage and promote collaborations
  • Encouraging understanding of each others music Encouraging thematic performances and compositions – music with a message

Expected output

  • Showcasing old faces with a new style of fusion and live performance to the wider audience.
  • Artists will understand the relevance on making music that can change societies
  • Confidence on stage

Expected outcome

  • Introduction of concept of Street Fashion “by and for young people”
  • Increased collaboration between established and new local artists
  • Increased chances of more relevant music that can help to modify our communities

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