2009 Street Fashion Workshop

Each year prior to the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts, a number of workshops for artists will be organised. This year, a Street Fashion Workshop is included. Whereas the fashion industry in Uganda has developed over the last decade, this industry targets a specific layer of society – the average youth is not targeted. To make fashion accessible and exciting for a wider group of especially young people, Bayimba Cultural Foundation has introduced the concept of Street Fashion: fashion by and for young people.

The Street Fashion Workshop will be led by established Ugandan designer Stella Atal. She will work closely together with 10 other (established and new) fashion designers of the Ugandan fashion industry. The designers will work together to come up with fashion that meets the description ‘by and for young people’. The fashion wear developed will be showcased at the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts (12-14 June 2009).

Apart from the designers, some 10 former abducted girls from Northern Uganda will participate in the workshop. Through participation in the workshop, these girls will have a chance to apply and further develop their tailoring skills with the assistance of known fashion designers. It is expected that their participation (a certificate of participation will be issued and the girls will be involved and specifically mentioned when the fashion wear is showcased at the Festival) increases their chances for a career in tailoring and/or fashion.

For the identification of the 10 girls, Bayimba Cultural Foundation and Stella Atal will work together with “Windows of Hope”, an organisation that takes care of former abducted girls from Northern Uganda (providing education and vocational training such as tailoring).


  • Concept of street fashion “by and for young people” introduced
  • Increased collaboration between established and new fashion designers
  • Increased chances for vulnerable girls for a career in tailoring and/or fashion


  • Unique street fashion designs to be showcased at the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts
  • Publicity about the participation of the girls

Specific objectives:

  • Introduce vulnerable girls to the understanding of fashion design (selecting fabrics and sketch designs)


  • Unique designs
  • Introduction to new fabrics
  • Understanding the art in selection of fabrics and sketch designs


  • Publicity to the participating group of designers
  • Identifying new talent of the next aspiring Ugandan designers
  • Collaboration and networking with other designers in the industry

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