2009 Contemporary Art Workshop

Each year prior to the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts, a number of workshops for artists will be organised. This year, a Contemporary Art Workshop is included.

The workshop like others will run under the theme of “Our Contribution to society” with a general objective of Artists (painters, poets, play writers, dancers, comedians, sculptors, musician and designers) to document and mirror the social, economical and political aspects of their communities.

Artists will use this workshop to articulate the fundamental role of forwarding progress and advancement of the core values of their people; they provide stimuli for the community to react to these issues. The role of the community on the other hand is to reciprocate these creative synergies through appreciation, reaction and action.

To try to orchestrate the artists role visa vie the community, the Bayimba Cultural Foundation Contemporary Art Workshops will be conducted in four sections as indicated below:

Set up of the workshop

1. From Guns to Art: (10 Ugandan Artists)

Because our country Uganda had a bad beginning – there where so many guns that spread by the government in safe places and abandoned after the way – individual acquired these guns at started using them against their fellow citizens.

  • Cleaning the environment – Advocating for a small arms free Uganda
  • Addressing the issue of violence and misuse of guns in our communities

2. 16 Piece Mural: (10 Ugandan Artists)

A large painting with different cultural elements on 16 canvas panels will be created. Poetry lines or mini statements by the participating artists will be inscribed on different parts of the canvases. The statements/poems will be the artists individual interpretation of their role and the role of the art to society. Some of the panels will be used as stage back drops on the main stage and the others will be displayed of the Uganda National Theatre eastern façade.

3. Public Canvas: (10 Ugandan Artists)

The public will be availed a sparsely painted canvas on which they will write their contributions to society. They will proceed to sign their names behind their statements. This public canvas will be displayed all throughout the festival.

4. Graffiti wall: (10 Ugandan Artists)

Graffiti is historically categorised as vandal art by the shameless street artists who go on defacing public property. The practitioners of graffiti art argue that it is an authentic artistic expression like painting or sculptors.

Young urban graffiti writers will be given a platform to express themselves and provide a relevance of the positive role graffiti art can exert and contribute to society.


  • Introducing artists to optional and relevant creativity
  • Introducing the public to art – by signing on the public canvas and leaving a message
  • Concept of using art to forward community values – fighting violence
  • Creating more awareness on the use of guns and other materials for community art that is relevant.
  • Introducing the concept of art for all –


  • New face of the festival location – artistically presented to a wider audience
  • Publicity for the participating artists
  • Involving the public participation in art

Specific objectives:

  • Document and mirror the social, economical and political    aspects of the communities we leave in Uganda today.

Programme for the workshop

From Day one of this workshop – Participating artists will work hand in hand, collecting materials for the workshop. The Guns will be provided by the National Fire Arms Protection – NFP.

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